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We carry out your project works with our specialist engineers within the scope of the legal regulations required for 100% efficient operation of your installation and fire systems. After applying to our firm, we first offer our consultancy services and perform our study studies, and then we start the projecting activities of the requested system.

We use current data to determine which design will be more suitable, according to international standards, and perform risk analysis before and after the assembly phase. Our technical designing services, which we offer in total quality standards, are shaped by safety and efficiency principles as a whole.

After the determination of the most suitable fire extinguishing system and the mechanical evaluation, the required documents for the projecting are requested and the project work is being done quickly. With the approvals from the relevant government agencies, we are working simultaneously as a whole team to prepare your system in a serial manner.

Akım Yangın

We are proud to offer quality and safety to the growing and developing building sector based on time and trust with our expert staff, services such as consulting and projecting as well as material foundations and installation works that are needed for fire protection systems.

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To contribute to our country's economy by creating export products and providing employment.
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