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Fire Hoses (Size, Prices)

Fire hoses, which are one of the indispensable tools of fire fighting teams at the beginning of the fire or in the proceeding phase, must be resistant to flames. It should be produced from special materials and periodic maintenance should be done very well in order to prevent any trouble during fire. The fire hoses that we usually see in the fire cabinets wrapped around the reel have the ability to extend up to 30 meters in the building. As a result, it has become technically mandatory to have more fire cabinets and fire hoses in large buildings.

Fire hoses manufactured according to the standards of the Turkish Standards Institute and quality controls are elements that need to be opened and rewound occasionally, even if they are not used. It must be resistant to both fire and pressurized water. The most important thing to mention and not to be forgotten in order to avoid any problems in an emergency such as a fire is periodic maintenance.

Fire Hoses Prices

The prices of fire hoses, which stretch quickly to the point where the fire begins, and which discharge water or other sources of extinguishing on the flames, are extremely normal, as compared to the liability they undertake. Especially, all of our customers who work with our company are the ones that are most satisfied with the durability and quality of our products, the prices of fire hoses.

As one of the companies involved in business, we understand our customers who are experiencing the difficulties of the times and we show the necessary flexibility in the price of fire hoses. In addition to this flexibility, we also provide comfortable breathing with the convenience of payment we offer.

Prices of fire hoses differ in wholesale exchanges and tenders and purchases. To learn about our attractive prices and payment options, you can contact us via our website or contact numbers.

Fire Hoses Periodic Controls

As mentioned above, it is vital that periodic inspections of fire hoses wrapped in cabinets are carried out. In the training that our team will give you, you will learn about the period in which the fire hoses should be opened and rewound, the maintenance to be done besides, cleaning and maintenance after fire drills.

Our institutional customers are provided with regular fire training sessions. We have added to our goals to create consciousness and awareness against fire by undertaking the training of fire intervention, evacuation, rescue and first aid teams formed in institutional structures.

Fire Hose Technical Specification

Regardless of length and material, all fire hoses need to be manufactured and delivered according to the technical specifications of the fire hoses. In the materials specified in this technical specification, we comply with all the details required by our customers. That is why during the bidding process, our customers recommend us to each other and become the natural references of our company.

In the technical specifications of the fire hoses, the length of the hose, the color, the record, the material from which the nozzles are produced, the end faucet, the valve and the roller are mentioned in detail. One of the details that needs to be mentioned is; Turbo nozzle, Euro nozzle, pistol nozzle or HS nozzle type is preferred. Other aspects included in the technical specifications of fire hoses are compliance with TSE standards, such as the characteristics of clamps.

Fire Hose Properties

One of the most important points of our customers is; fire hose properties. The most important features of fire hose are the length, the pressure value, the color, the place and the turning ability of the roller. Imported fire hoses of American, German and Italian origin are the most preferred hoses in the market.

The characteristics of the fire hoses are one of the things that are important in the purchasing process through the tender and also in the technical specifications. TSE standards include minimum specifications and quality standards. Our company produces, installs and delivers the products according to all quality guidelines and customer demands.

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We are proud to offer quality and safety to the growing and developing building sector based on time and trust with our expert staff, services such as consulting and projecting as well as material foundations and installation works that are needed for fire protection systems.

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