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Fire Suit

During a fire, firefighting units must wear firefighting clothing to protect themselves from high heat and sparks. The materials with the lowest degree of being affected by fire are preferred in the production of clothes. Firefighting suit refers to anything that personnel wear. Trousers, jackets, gloves, boots, helmets, masks, and other types of headgear are all firefighting clothing. Uniforms worn by firefighters are also among the fire clothing types.

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The indispensable complement of firefighting clothes is breathing tubes. Even though all the clothes are full, the breathing tubes, which ensure not to be affected by the toxic gases that arise in the fire, prevent the personnel from endangering their life safety. Wearing firefighting clothes is extremely important in terms of occupational safety. The principle of healthy response units, which is one of the basic rules of civil defense, should not be neglected. Response teams carry out important works both to save the environment from the fire and to save the living things in the fire area.

In order to successfully extinguish the fire, the personnel on duty at the time of the fire must be protected from the possible damages of the fire. It is important for fire personnel to be supported with firefighting clothes in terms of life safety in cases such as flares, flashes or sparks while the fire is ongoing. Fire crews come to the scene with appropriate clothes, but it is very important for the trained personnel who want to respond to the fire inside the building to wear these clothes for their own health before the intervention.

Fire-fighting clothes should be available in the fire cabinets that the trainees can wear. Before the fire, every detail must be calculated and the personnel's health protective clothing, helmets, gloves, boots, breathing tubes must be kept ready. Otherwise, people who want to intervene in the fire may cause loss of life as well as property loss.

Fire extinguishing clothing is produced in a way that is more qualified and less affected by fire in parallel with technological developments. These clothes, which are manufactured in accordance with the required quality standards, have at least 4 layers, absorb the sweat that will occur from the heat, and prevent the heat and water from passing to the human body. As the rising heat at the time of the fire makes it difficult enough for the crews to work, fire extinguishing clothing should be designed in a way that minimizes these negativities.

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