Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants used to increase the pressure of water or other fire extinguishers in the area of ​​fire extinguishing are delivered with high quality design. It is subjected to endurance tests as auxiliary equipment in fire fighting actions with zero product warranty. With fully automatic package buffers, package buffers, frequency controlled hydrofoils and horizontal pumping hydrofoils, we are helping all types of hydroformers suitable for the industry.

The most important thing in fire hydrants is; there is no solid particles or fibers in the liquid to be pressurized. Because solid bodies can block the hydrofoil and the desired pressure can not be obtained. Fire hydrants which can be produced with one, two or three pumps are determined by pre-study work which design is suitable. In addition to these three pump options, more pumps can be included.

Yangın Hidroforu Montajı
Yangın Hidroforu Seçimi
Yangın Hidroforu Yönetmeliği
Yangın Pompası Yönetmeliği
Yangın Pompası Seçimi
Yangın Pompası Montajı
Yangın Pompası İstanbul
Yangın Pompası Fiyatları

Fire hydrants, where electrical control and protection systems are also available, are widely used in large factories, in large industrial areas and in huge ports. It can be activated automatically or it can be used manually

Fire Hydrant Prices

Prices of fire hydrants as an important equipment for pressurizing liquids are quite attractive compared to the work they undertake. We continue to offer the best price quotations with our designs for various sectors. We would like to remind once again that our company's periodic campaigns and attractive payment facilities are consumer-friendly.

Prices of fire hydrants are changing according to the materials used in the units such as the pressing body, suction body, shaft, protection sheet, diffuser body, impeller, motor carrier, lower leg and foot. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn about the prices of fire hydrants, take advantage of discounts on collective purchases and hear our attractive offers. Dilersen can visit our workplace and review our partnership in place. Our solution partnership will continue after the delivery of our products.

Choice of fire hydrants

Depending on the area you are going to use, we can make sectoral analysis and help you choose fire hydrants. We enjoy sharing our experience with our service network and professional outlook we have developed in this sector. For the first time in the selection of fire hydrants, you will hear dozens of details, contribute to your knowledge and you will step into the profession.

The most important consideration when choosing a fire hydrant is the correct choice of hydrohead. How long do you want to pressurize the water? Which of the other extinguishing liquids do you use? Which is the most suitable extinguishing system in your industry? Which methods should be followed to strengthen this? We give satisfactory and scientific answers to your questions in the form of our expert cadres.

Fire water regulation

The most important legislation that our company takes into consideration in the manufacture of fire hydrants is fire brigade regulation. "Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire" and TS EN 12845 + A2; Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems, Automatic Spraying Systems, Design, Installation and Maintenance "also includes fire water regulation.

The most widely used sector of TSE standards is European quality standards. It is one of the reasons why we prefer to have quality certificates in all our products. After the assembly of our quality and durable products, regular maintenance and response to our customers' extra requests, we develop mutual dialogue and contribute to the strengthening of our communication.

Installation of fire hydrants

Our experienced team is also at your side in the installation of fire hydrants such as the installation of all of our products which are quality controlled after the production. Unexpected problems encountered during installation, we are always at your side for the first start-up, maintenance and repair after installation.

All pre-order study work, communication, order taking, production, control, installation, operation and periodical maintenance are all carried out with the guarantee of our company. You can review our products on our website, check our references and contact us.