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Panel Extinguishing Systems

In-panel extinguishing systems, especially used in electrical and electronic content areas, are also referred to as micro-extinguishing systems. It is the most effective method for extinguishing fires that may occur due to electrical contacts or other causes that can occur in small enough to be seen parts.

Since the system is the only system that will turn off the flame or the contact inside the panel, it is micro, but the effect is macro. Because failures in the cabinets can sometimes stop all the work of a large production plant. This can also cause serious losses to the fund. This is one of the measures that should never be neglected.

In direct in-panel extinguishing systems that act directly and indirectly, the gas that will suppress the burning is usually HFC 236 ea gas. This gas is placed in the panel by tubing or pipe model.

Because they are micro systems, they are much lower in weight than large quenching systems. For example, 1, 2, 4, 6 or 12 kg tubes are used in the panel extinguishing system. Fire initiation, intervention, extinguishing and cooling can be monitored from a single monitor.

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Electric Panels Fire Extinguishing Systems

Electric panel fire extinguishing systems, which are rapidly affected by flames and form the main network of the polymer hoses, must be manufactured and installed with a purely specialist point of view. In electric fires, ignition starting inside the panel can affect the whole system in a short time or spread out through invisible cable channels to the whole building. This results in undesirable consequences.

Extinguishing gases used in electric panel fire extinguishing systems are not conductive. It does not change the colour of electrical and electronic structures. It is also odorless, making it easier to clean in the next steps.

Cable colour is very important especially in electrical panels. At the beginning of a possible fire, there is no damage to the cable colours in the quick response through the extinguishing system. This ensures that repair can be done in a healthy way. In the pipe-laying system, the heat of the flames is increasing and the pipes are starting to intervene. In the case of non-pipe systems, the system which detects smoke at the beginning of the fire instantly sprays the gases to the starting point.

In-Panel Gas Extinguishing

HFC 125, HFC 236 ea, HFC 23 and FM 200 are used in gas fired internal gas system, with the least damage is intended to eliminate the risk of fire. These systems, made by our placement experts, are also responsible for protecting your precious system inside the board. Even the smallest part which can damage the smallest flame causes the panel to be disabled. Because of this, it is very important that the panel extinguishing works are done by professional firms.

In-panel gas extinguishing systems, one of the indispensable helpers of companies especially in the field of computer parts, security systems and electrical software, inform the relevant workers about the fire by means of the sensor which starts the ignition. The extinguishing system that makes the intervention saves time for repairs.

Panel Interior Extinguishing Systems Price

We find that our customers do not think too much about the price of in-cabinet extinguishing systems because they are used in very difficult electronic circuits, in expensive software, and in the main part of a large installation. This system is twice as expensive as its price.

The customer-friendly price application that our company applies in all products is also applied in the prices of the panel extinguishing systems. You can learn about our price pacification, which consists of free discovery, production, installation, maintenance and filling services by communicating with us.

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