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Foam Concentrate

Foam concentrate, which acts as an effective extinguisher in fires, has various types, and all of them have different areas of effectiveness. Let's look at the types of foam concentrates that are compressed into fire tubes under a certain pressure and separated for use in case of fire;

Synthetic Foam Concentrate is foams mostly prepared for Class A fires. It is used to extinguish fires originating from plastic, rubber, coal, paper and wood. The reason why it is preferred in extinguishing forest fires, which pose great dangers, is that it does not have a negative effect on nature. It can decompose and disappear in the natural environment over time. The foam feature is that it creates a barrier in the air to prevent fire, cuts the contact of the fire with oxygen, and cools the flames very quickly. It is a much more effective extinguishing agent than water with its transparent appearance and neutral pH value.

afff köpük konsantresi

AFFF Foam Concentrate is foam that is mostly prepared for Class A and B fires. It is suitable for easily eliminating fires caused by flammable and combustible liquids, ethanol, crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, petroleum-based products. It creates a thin liquid layer on the fire and thus prevents the flames from contacting with oxygen. There is no possibility of re-igniting the fire that has been extinguished. It is a very good extinguishing tool in fire brigades, production facilities, refineries, airports and facilities where flammable liquids are kept or used heavily. This transparent-looking, neutral pH foam concentrate does not harm human skin.

Protein Foam Concentrate, this foam concentrate, which is used appropriately in production facilities and refineries where petroleum products are used, has a rapid spreading feature in the area where it is applied. Thanks to its spreading speed, it isolates the fire from environmental factors and provides the opportunity to intervene quickly. These foams containing horn flour and keratin are very effective in areas where flammable liquids are stored, processed and transported. The usage area of protein foam concentrate with black-dark brown appearance and neutral pH value is wide.

FFFP Foam Concentrate is a concentrate created with protein and AFFF components. It has the ability to extinguish quickly with its very strong content. It is effective in fires caused by petroleum products such as flammable and combustible liquids, ethanol, crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil, and does not cause any harm to human skin.

Educational Foam Concentrate is the foam used for training personnel, not used in real fires. They are foams that can be easily consumed and created with their transparent appearance and low cost feature.

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