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Water Mist Extinguishing Systems

As can be understood from the name, the water system extinguishing system prepared with the principle of generating fog from water starts from above to extinguishing process and first extinguishes the smoke and then extinguishes by lowering the temperature of the flames. Stopping the rise before the smoke becomes a time-saving healthy method for the people in the area where the fire started. The rising of the warming air reduces the fact by creating the opposite effect and prevents the flames from rising as well as the smoke. The system is very productive and has successful results.

Water system extinguishing systems can be installed at high pressure or low pressure, depending on where they are to be used. It automatically lowers the heat as it increases the air humidity. All sensitive materials, which may be damaged by the fire fighters’ intervention with the pressurized water spray, can be easily protected by the water system extinguishing system.

Water fog nozzle

The water used as an extinguishing medium is poured onto the flames by the sprinkling method, with the water used to ensure that the water is spread over a larger area than it is sprayed with the hose and penetrates into a larger area. An extinguishing system that spreads all the way through the automatic system, which works very fast and thanks to the water system nozzle, helps to keep the fire under control at the beginning stage.

The water system has an important role to protect the important and highly fragile materials from fire. Thanks to a single water spray nozzle, 200 square meters of space can be affected by fire extinguishers. This means that maximum benefit is achieved with minimum measures. Since excessive humidity will also reduce the amount of oxygen in the air, the flame will not find its own spreading area and the fire will end soon. It will also save a lot of time for professional teams to do the final intervention.

Water Mist Extinguishing System

The name of the water mist extinguishing system, which is the counterpart of the water system extinguishing systems in other languages and is technically used by fire-extinguishing system manufacturers, means to prevent the fire by increasing the amount of moisture.

This system, which is divided into two main parts as low pressure water mist extinguishing system and high pressure water mist extinguishing system, is in essence the principle of moisture recycling of water. The process of increasing the pressure value of the water coming from the pipes with a certain pressure by using an additional pressure increasing method. Corresponds to a value between 80 and 200 bar. In less risky regions, the other type of low-pressure system is used. The corresponding pressure value is limited to 4 bars.

What is the water mist?

Let's continue with the system that we introduced in general, with the answer of the question of what kind of water is there. In order to reduce the heat caused by the fire, the process of providing heat absorption and controlling the flames is called water treatment. Reducing the temperature rising with the fire to an acceptable and sustainable degree of 60 degrees is possible with water system extinguishing systems.

The expansion of a single water-bottle by 1750 times and spraying it on the flames causes a considerable increase in effectiveness. The temperature is lowered, the smoke is reduced, and finally the crew is under control of the fire until the arms are blown, the spread is stopped.

Water Mist Extinguishing System Prices

It is very suitable to look at the prices of the water extinguishing system, which prevents very high economic losses in fires originating from flammable liquids. Ideal for use in areas such as ship machinery and cableways, this system is also used in other areas;

• Turbines

• Generator rooms

• Hoods

• They Escalators

• Industrial cooking tables

• Industrial frying machines.

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