Foam Extinguishing Systems

The foamed extinguishing systems in which the chemical contents are under pressure are sprayed with fire through the opening valve through the tubes. Both manual and automatic operation are suitable. Certain types are extremely effective in fires. Especially in industrial plants and areas where liquid fuels are stored, this system is preferred to the possible fire risk.

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The preference of quenching the chemical contents with foam extinguishing systems is a purely scientific and technical issue. Which chemical substances are used by our expert engineers to determine which extinguishing chemicals are used? The foamed extinguishing systems produced within the framework of relevant regulations and legislation are also very effective in alcohol-containing production centres. The most effective foam extinguishing systems are film-forming, synthetic based and protein based systems.

The foam-based extinguishing systems used on the outskirts of the fire begin to cut air-to-air contact and prevent the growth of flames. The indirect benefit is to minimize the loss of goods and lives. Foam extinguishing systems can be used with the help of a generator, monitor, tank extinguishing method, fire cabin and sprinkler. Automatic mode is preferred for rapid intervention in very large areas.

Design of foam fire extinguishing system

Fully foamed fire extinguishing design is carried out in a laboratory environment, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation and all scientific data. The totally professional approach is used to determine where the chemical content produced by the student should be used. It is extremely important that the chemicals that work in the event of fire are available in the system. Fire extinguisher tubes used in manual interventions have a different density in automatic systems.

Another important consideration in the design of the foam fire extinguishing system is how many sprinklers need to be placed in relation to the size of the area and the items to be protected / dismantled in the system including the sprinkler.

Sparkling Sprinkler System

Sparkling sprinkler system is an automatic system. The foamed extinguishers which are held under pressure in big tanks and which are conveyed to the protected area by means of pipes are sprayed against the smoke and flames by means of automatic sprinklers.

Because it is automatic, very fast results are obtained. The foam sprinkler system maintains the premises, storage and production area of many businesses and companies today. Sparkling sprinkler system, which plays an important protective role both economically and in terms of human health, provides a high degree of protection with our company's specials and guarantees, especially in industrial areas where expensive materials are used and the possibility of material depreciation is much higher.

Foam Fire Extinguishing Tube Features

One of the most emphasized topics of our fire training experts is the foam fire extinguisher. It is very important to know the chemical in the tube, its effect against the fire and the vigor when it is sprayed. Information on the use of the tube is also given in this training. Practical use is also explained in these exercises which are exercises characteristic.

The most important features of the foam fire extinguisher tubing are which fire types should be used. The pressure is sprayed against the flames by means of a locking and unlocking valve. In common use, weights of 6 kilograms and 12 kilograms are available.

The pressure gauge of the chemical substances in the tube appears on the pressure gauge. When it falls below a certain value, it indicates that the maintenance time has come. The extinguisher must be reinforced or the tube refilled. The periodical maintenance and refilling service of our company is continuing in the production and delivery later. It is a well-known fact that the pressure of the self-standing tubes decreases spontaneously and that it is never opened.

Where is the foam fire extinguisher used?

If the foam fire extinguisher, which is very effective in certain regions, will explain the question in detail where it is used;

• Yacht harbours

• Shipyards

• Piers

• Oil refineries

• Flammable-flammable substances

• Fuel loading centre

• Fuel discharge centre

• Hangars

• Warehouses

• Airports

• All manufacturing centres using alcohol, ketone, ether, polar solvent, crude oil, gasoline, naphtha, fuel oil, gasoline, jet fuel and foam fire extinguishers are used in storage.

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