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We provide consulting services on the design of all your projects and the efficient use of resources. In the light of scientific knowledge, our expert team evaluates all the technical details of the system you want and helps you reach the most beneficial result. We are transforming the system you want to do with a project that you can measure and evaluate objectively, and we provide you with an active consulting service for all the issues you are involved in.

We provide mechanical, electrical-electronic and architectural dimensions with our certified consultants and mechanical engineers to ensure that both fire protection and economic loss are minimized. By reviewing all legal procedures related to your industry, we can help create the legal basis for our work and ensure that the inspection and audit processes are free of problems.

With our trainings, we are informing you about your evacuation plans, your emergency team, fire escape scenario, incomplete detection, use of fire extinguishers, use of fire extinguishers, reading pressure values.


We carry out your project works with our specialist engineers within the scope of the legal regulations required for 100% efficient operation of your installation and fire systems. After applying to our firm, we first offer our consultancy services and perform our study studies, and then we start the projecting activities of the requested system.

We use current data to determine which design will be more suitable, according to international standards, and perform risk analysis before and after the assembly phase. Our technical designing services, which we offer in total quality standards, are shaped by safety and efficiency principles as a whole.

After the determination of the most suitable fire extinguishing system and the mechanical evaluation, the required documents for the projecting are requested and the project work is being done quickly. With the approvals from the relevant government agencies, we are working simultaneously as a whole team to prepare your system in a serial manner.

Material Supply

We provide all materials related to your company's fire extinguishing systems. From the initial assembly phase; we provide the necessary materials for all systematic work, from periodic maintenance to breakdown. During the installation phase of your system, all the electrical and electronic components used in the control units are completely available.

All parts used in the small units that show the fault of the general system are delivered with the guarantee of our company. Units that have lost their functionality that need to be changed during system maintenance and repair are quickly provisioned and protection is not interrupted.

During installation of system components; you can rely on us to find all the necessary materials. We implement a full quality policy together with the fire-extinguishing systems installed according to the relevant regulations, the materials produced in the TSE standards.

Application Mounting

After completing the projecting work of the field in which we have conducted the survey study, we are implementing the implementation and the assembly phase of your system. After the installation of the entire system is complete, we do the first experiment with the participation and observation of you at the control of our experts. In this way, both the system works without problems and the efficiency is presented visibly.

During the assembly process; under the control of our specialists, we try to complete our work as soon as possible with our professional team. About installation of the system considering the architectural structure of the establishments and buildings where the installation is desired later; we provide necessary trainings to the institution or firm personnel.

The application phase is accomplished with great care and dedication as it reveals the points of the system that are obstructed or blocked. All technical details such as sealing of connection points, extinguishing capacity, operation of nozzles, speed of sensing systems, and duration of engagement are checked at the highest standards.


After the consulting, projecting, application and assembly stages, the system is ready to commission, indicating that the extinguishing system is ready and can be delivered. The activated system is activated even in the smallest indication.

Working with professional staff to protect your buildings from fire will prevent later regrets. The fire extinguishing system is activated after the connections of the electronic devices have been completed and the entire installation has been completed.

This stage is again activated by our specialists, since the activating is the beginning of the elimination of the fire risk. It is very important that the local personnel in charge of the system and the company-company-institution managers follow the commissioning process and it is important to educate how the possible failures will be reflected on the panel. So the activating should be done with full participation of the responsible persons.

Contracted Maintenance

You can take advantage of our contracted maintenance service to periodically check your system for a period of time, whichever installation we have made and we care about every technical detail. The purpose of the contract is to protect the interests of both sides. Thanks to the contract you will sign with our company in this regard, we do not miss the maintenance dates you are uncomfortable.

We provide you with all the information you need to process your periodic maintenance schedule, such as pressure control of fire tubes, introduction of extinguishing media, filling of tubes, maintenance of automatic extinguishing systems, and completion of possible deficiencies. So we keep your equipment and your system just like the first day.

Under contracted maintenance agreement; the order of priority will be yours in case of malfunctions in your system. We offer all of our contracted customers 24/7 within the contract, we sacrifice together with our entire team to help protect the workplace from fire.

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