Fire Detection and Warning Systems

Fire detection and notification systems, one of the most important mechanisms of fire extinguishing systems, recognize the fires that have started in secret. It prevents both loss of life and property in buildings, in houses, factories, warehouses, hospitals or shopping centers. It is essentially this system that started the fire extinguishing process.

The main task of fire detection and notification systems is to initiate extinguishing action. It is also useful to notify the staff at the beginning of the board simultaneously. If the staff member is trained, he or she notifies the professional teams if they are not trained by emergency code for fire intervention. Thus, while the automatic fire extinguishing systems are starting to work, the living creatures in the enclosed area are also equipped to save alarms and lives through the alarm system.

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What is Fire Detection Systems?

Although there are special types of extinguishing for various sectors in terms of fire protection and minimizing fire damage, most of our customers are wondering about the fire detection systems that will activate the extinguishing systems. Our engineers decide which kind of fire detection system will be installed in automatic extinguishing systems. This decision is based on the principle of maximum protection and benefit.

Fire detection and notification systems, which are basically divided into two types as conventional and address, are divided into subheadings in themselves. Conventional detection systems operate in a small area with a holistic approach. I do not know where the flame is, but the perception and reporting is very productive.

Whatever the other fire detection systems will look at; we see the notification system in the main title. In the gigantic areas where dominance cannot be achieved with a single glance, there are other types of full-fledged perceptual detection systems where the flaming starts; manual and automatic.

In manual addressing technology, it is very time consuming because all the units are addressed one by one. The automatic addressing system works with the principle of addressing and controlling all units with the help of a single panel.

Fire Alarm Systems Connection Schematics

One of the first details that comes to mind is anyone who needs or is interested in fire fighting systems; no doubt fire alarm systems are the connection scheme. It is quite natural that buyers wanting to complete this subject without any problems need to work with experienced firms specialized in their field.

As our company is in every way, fire alarm systems develop schemes in accordance with national and international standards, moving from scientific principles on connection schemes. These schemes are essential for the most efficient operation of fire detection and notification systems. Details such as the number of detectors to be used, input / output of sirens, fire button detection principle, fire detection systems are included in the connection diagram.

How does a fire alarm system work?

Within the framework of regulation provisions and TSE standards for the protection of buildings from fire; how fire alarm systems work is clearly explained. However, we still tell our customers the working principle of fire alarm systems. We are also in contact with this topic in the context of all fire training.

Fire alarm systems give practical lessons on how to work, while our experts tell the relevant staff. As a result of our training in seriousness and quality that will not ignite the fire drill, the level of staff learning is measured; because this issue is vital.

The principles of addressing and conventional working are different. More economical conventional fire alarm systems are ideal for small spaces. The alarm system with this operating principle does not give any specific symptom to a specific point, but it is very successful in detection. The addressed fire alarm systems are made up of many different units and are ideal for very large spaces. It tells you where the fire started.

Installation of fire alarm system with address

Installation of a fire alarm system with a working address which is different from conventional alarm systems is done by our experts who have experience in the field. After the free discovery of our company, when automatic fire extinguishing production is completed, various quality controls are made and then installation part is started.

The installation of an addressable fire alarm system is a system that needs to be done carefully and should work with a zero error. The addressable fire alarm systems used in large areas must notify the point where the fire has started and fully assist the extinguishing teams. Therefore, the installation of the addressed fire alarm system should be completed perfectly as it provides some kind of intelligence.

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