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Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems

Sprinkler extinguishing systems, which quench fire-hazardous materials from above, are named after the sprayer unit at the end of the system. With the help of extinguishing liquids, it is one of the most effective in automatic extinguishing systems. Sprinkler extinguishing systems, which are mounted automatically on the ceiling and on the sides, are more effective in intervening, as manual intervention of the suddenly spreading flares in large areas will be difficult. Thanks to the system that detects fire and smoke in a fast way, fire intervention is starting in the seconds. Thus, in high value places such as warehouses and large work places, sprinkler extinguishing systems also prevent economic loss.

It is seen that water quenchers are more effective in A type and C type fire types. Therefore, in systems where water-based extinguishers such as sprinkler extinguishing systems are used, success is achieved in a very large area. Only one of the sprinklers in the system can calculate an area of ​​9 to 21 square meters by itself and can prevent the spread of flames by itself.

It is one of the most suitable extinguishing systems for factories with many different precious materials in the world or for other enterprises with larger area.

How Does the Sprinkler System Work?

The basic principle of intervention in the fire; prevent the fire from growing in the initial stage. This is also the best answer to the question of how the sprinkler system works. The staff is alerted in coordination with the awareness of the flames and the beginning of the intervention. If a system is able to achieve it, it has achieved its true goal. Recognition through smoke sensor, simultaneous sending of main panel warning and start of extinguishing. This is the summary.

The gradual response of the question of how the sprinkler system works, with the ever-growing flames and high temperature dropping, the spraying of extinguishing liquids from the auto-exploding sprinkler tips, the sticking of smoke to the stifling smoke floor, and the time it takes staff to get out. Smoke disposal facilitates the intervention of professional teams as a point of view.

What is Sprinkler System

Nowadays, it is the easiest to understand for those who wonder what the sprinkler system is, which is preferred for protecting large areas from fire danger, and the system which intervenes with fire by means of sprinkler which applies water extinguishing. Sprinkler systems, which are a very useful system, should be installed by professional personnel, both in terms of functionally large area and serious influence on flames. It is very, very important to make sure that the assembly of the study work is carried out without any mistakes for 100% efficient operation in emergency situations.

Our company tells what the sprinkler system means, its working principle and account to its customers, gives training on its usage and undertakes periodical maintenance.

Sprinkler System Obligation

The most appropriate legislation on the necessity of the sprinkler system is the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire. This obligation is explicitly stated in the following articles;

• Offices with an altitude of more than 30.50 meters,

• Apartments with an elevation of more than 51.59 meters,

• Underground parking lots with more than one capacity and more than 20 vehicles in the basement,

• More than 200 bed capacity guest houses, hotels and guesthouses,

• Enterprises with a lot area of 2000 square meters of usage area,

There is also a need for a sprinkler system in all kinds of meeting and seminar rooms, entertainment venues and shopping centers where crowded groups can be visited.

To Calculate Sprinkler System

All the experts, technicians and engineers in our expert team are very experienced in the account of the sprinkler system. Based on the relevant legislation and scientific approaches, they have accomplished quite successful works. With tree, loop and grid boring systems, they make your ideal choice for your business and they protect your place with sprinkler account.

This preference is based on the following criteria;

DN25 pipe diameter = 2 sprinklers

DN32 pipe diameter = 3 sprinklers

DN40 pipe diameter = 5 sprinklers

DN50 pipe diameter = 10 sprinklers

DN65 pipe diameter = 20 sprinklers

DN80 pipe diameter = 40 sprinklers

DN100 pipe diameter = 100 sprinklers

DN125 pipe diameter = 160 sprinklers

DN150 pipe diameter = 275 sprinklers

The number of sprinklers can be increased to eliminate the risk of fire.

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