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Application Mounting

After completing the projecting work of the field in which we have conducted the survey study, we are implementing the implementation and the assembly phase of your system. After the installation of the entire system is complete, we do the first experiment with the participation and observation of you at the control of our experts. In this way, both the system works without problems and the efficiency is presented visibly.

During the assembly process; under the control of our specialists, we try to complete our work as soon as possible with our professional team. About installation of the system considering the architectural structure of the establishments and buildings where the installation is desired later; we provide necessary trainings to the institution or firm personnel.

The application phase is accomplished with great care and dedication as it reveals the points of the system that are obstructed or blocked. All technical details such as sealing of connection points, extinguishing capacity, operation of nozzles, speed of sensing systems, and duration of engagement are checked at the highest standards.

Akım Yangın

We are proud to offer quality and safety to the growing and developing building sector based on time and trust with our expert staff, services such as consulting and projecting as well as material foundations and installation works that are needed for fire protection systems.

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To contribute to our country's economy by creating export products and providing employment.
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