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Contracted Maintenance

You can take advantage of our contracted maintenance service to periodically check your system for a period of time, whichever installation we have made and we care about every technical detail. The purpose of the contract is to protect the interests of both sides. Thanks to the contract you will sign with our company in this regard, we do not miss the maintenance dates you are uncomfortable.

We provide you with all the information you need to process your periodic maintenance schedule, such as pressure control of fire tubes, introduction of extinguishing media, filling of tubes, maintenance of automatic extinguishing systems, and completion of possible deficiencies. So we keep your equipment and your system just like the first day.

Under contracted maintenance agreement; the order of priority will be yours in case of malfunctions in your system. We offer all of our contracted customers 24/7 within the contract, we sacrifice together with our entire team to help protect the workplace from fire.

Akım Yangın

We are proud to offer quality and safety to the growing and developing building sector based on time and trust with our expert staff, services such as consulting and projecting as well as material foundations and installation works that are needed for fire protection systems.

Our Company

To contribute to our country's economy by creating export products and providing employment.
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