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Fire Reels

Fire reels with fire hoses are very useful in dangerous situations such as fire. The major tools of fire fighting teams, fire cabinets and portable fire intervention vehicles are areas where fire reels are used. Fire extinguishers are the most common fire hoses with fire drums.

The fire rolls, which can be turned around as desired, move in every direction and provide great assistance in speed, can be used for a long time when produced from quality materials. Fire hoses should not be wrapped around for a long time because they can stick together over time. So it would be nice to have the roller run from time to time, to open the hose and rewrap it. Therefore, periodic maintenance should be done in an easy time and should not be a problem in difficult times.

Fixed fire reels are often used in factories, workshops, gardens or garages; Shaft type firearms are used in crowded places such as shopping centers and hotels. In addition, fire trucks and pedestrian fire reels in portable vehicles are also very functional. Designing and assembling of fire reels by professional engineers is one of the other important issues.

Fire Hose Roller Prices

Fire hose reel prices, like all extinguishing media used in the event of a fire, are the prices determined by our company in consideration of the consumer. The discounts we apply in collective purchases are another one of our customers' satisfaction. You can find guaranteed, robust and quality fire rollers at the best prices. You can check the price of fire hose roller on our website. In addition, all of our products you can order are included in our internet site with high quality visuals.

As a rare company that has a permanent place in fire companies, our service to all of our country is continuing. You can get the best quality and fast service by our company for free discovery, measurement taking, decision making, production, assembly, filling and periodical maintenance. We are working with our strength to be worthy of the preference of our customers for many years. The whole team continues to work in a family environment, without compromising on total quality principles.

Fire Hose Roller

We are one of the most preferred companies in the sale of fire hose reels. We are working 100% compatible with all the quality standards determined by the Turkish Standards Institute. We know that; There is no room for fault in the sector we work with.
Work to prevent loss of life and property starts at the stage of production and sales. With this consciousness, you can also get the best quality products at the most reasonable prices in the sales of fire hose rollers.

Join our mail list and be informed of all our new products, campaigns and attractive payment options. For the best quality and guaranteed delivery of fire hose reel, you can choose our company with peace of mind.

The fire hose reel is one of the anonymous heroes who play an important role during the fire. It allows the fire to be intercepted in a serial manner without any notice and to prevent the loss of life-property. The roller is the greatest assistant of the teams.

Fire stair roller

The fire escalator rollers, which allow large fire crews to intervene during the long house fire, ensure that the ladder is working properly and that the personnel moving upwards can go to the desired level.

Fire stairs rollers are produced and delivered by TSE standards by our company. Before the delivery phase, all quality checks are carried out and delivery is made after the inspections are completed.

Akım Yangın

We are proud to offer quality and safety to the growing and developing building sector based on time and trust with our expert staff, services such as consulting and projecting as well as material foundations and installation works that are needed for fire protection systems.

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To contribute to our country's economy by creating export products and providing employment.
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