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Fire Escape

The fire escape, which is a legal requirement to be found at buildings of a certain height, has a great precaution to prevent the loss of life. Fire escapes play a vital role as it is not possible to get rid of glass or balconies in high buildings in fires starting from the main entrance and corridors.

Especially with the new zoning law, the controls such as fire exit, fire gate and fire stairs are kept under strict supervision. Besides the reinforced stairs going down from the building, fire stairs constructed of harness and demir are very common fire stairs.

Fire Escape Regulation

It is important that everyone involved in the construction work should also be aware of the regulation of fire escape within the legal requirements for the protection of apartments, sites or workplaces. Fulfilling the issues contained in the Fire Staircase Directive saves a great deal of both material and spiritual burdens.

Details of the fire escape are also provided in the framework of the provisions of the "Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire". The regulations related to the height of fire escalators, material, number of steps, height of steps etc. can be reached. In purchases you will do with our company, we examine all regulations in your place, we manufacture and install your fire escalators, taking into account the varying provisions and developing technology and legal requirements.

Fire Escape Standards

The legal regulations regarding fire escapes also refer to fire escape standards. Fireworks standards are also based on project planning. The designers who have drawn must have determined the measurements of the fire escapes to be made towards the outside of the building or inside of the building by a good study.

Fire escape standards are clearly stated on the TSE quality scale. According to the standards table in which all details are found; manufacturing and installation of fire escape stairs is essential for the protection of buildings from fire.

Fire Escape Obligation

One of the key points of recent work safety and health issues, which is of great importance, is the necessity of fire escape. The common point of both OHS specialists, building supervisors and local authorities is the necessity of fire escalation in which buildings.

According to the building use classes, all buildings with a mandatory fire escape according to escape distances are listed under the heading Special regulations. Houses used as buildings;

a) If the height of the building is less than 21.50 meters, fire stairs are not obligatory.

b) Fire bridges are required in buildings with elevations between 21.50 and 30.50 meters.

c) If the height of the building is between 30.50 and 51.50 meters, 2 fire escapes are obligatory.

d) If the height of the building is more than 51.50 meters, there is a necessity of 2 fire stairs again.

Outpatient centers, offices, warehouses, shops, stores, factories and factories; 2 fire stairs are required. However, only one fire exit and fire staircase are accepted as mandatory in these types of buildings having the same criteria as all the following criteria.

a) If the building height is less than 21.50 meters

b) If the number of users on one floor is less than 50

c) If the escape distance on all floors is appropriate to the distances in Annex-5 / B

d) If non-combustible materials are used in manufacturing

e) The materials in production and storage are not flammable and flammable.

Fire Escape Lock

After all the regulations regarding fire exits, inspections about fire lock escalation are frequent. When both the logic rules and legal requirements are considered; it is not possible to install a fire escape lock.

It is possible to install locks which prevent the fire escalator from opening only from the outside. The reason for this is security. Both theft and fire during the fires to prevent people who want to enter the fire lock to prevent stairs.

Fire Escape Door

The fire escapement gate to be used as an emergency exit must be manufactured in a highly equipped manner. It is very important that the only door in front of the people is the fire escape door to reach the fire escape stairs. Therefore, in order to make it easier to reach the fire escape, especially in multi-unit hospitals, architects should be sensitive to this in the course of building design.

The fire escapement door must be made from materials that are not flammable or resistant to certain temperatures. Our company is regarded as one of the most authorized companies both in the production and sale of fire extinguishing systems, fire escapes and fire escape doors.

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