Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems

Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, which are the most frequently used manual and automatic systems in known fire extinguishers, have the feature of easily controlling the fire and spreading it and preventing the loss of life. Carbon dioxide gas, which has the opposite nature of oxygen in the environment, also performs the same function in extinguishing systems. When the oxygen in the environment decreases and the carbon dioxide increases, the effect area of ​​the oxygen and the livelihood of the oxygen decrease. When the fire is extinguished, the fire cuts the connection with the oxygen in the air and narrows the effect area of ​​the fire.

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Automated carbon dioxide systems, especially developed recently using science, require the release of living organisms from the time of the detection and intervention of the fire. Carbon dioxide, which is extremely effective in extinguishing the fire, makes it difficult for the person to breathe, and it is obvious that this system is starting to work, necessitating to leave the environment.

Carbon dioxide gas acts as a buffer between flames and air. It prevents the air from spreading fire. The fact that this gas is of this nature is due to the heavier gases such as oxygen and azotite, which form the air. So, because carbon dioxide is heavy, turn off the fire by crushing both gases underneath.

There is no odor, the color is transparent. Electricity also has insulation, does not transmit electricity. It controls and controls the small area where the fire starts very seriously. Moreover, after all the extinguishing process does not leave behind. This makes it easier to clean after fire.

Features of Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

Ensuring that nitrogen and oxygen in the air are pushed towards the lower layers is the most important feature of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. Already the main principle of preventing fire; the disconnection of flames and heat from air. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers do this quickly, so they get fast results and are used safely. This rapid impact can negatively impact human health, so personnel's rapid evacuation and masked intervention of professional teams are the healthiest choice.

While other systems have minimal impact on human health, the effect of CO2 gas is maximum. Decrease in oxygen in the environment is disadvantageous not only for humans but also for animals and plants. Therefore, after using CO2 gas extinguishing systems; it is important that the environment is well ventilated and cleaned.

Carbon dioxide gas also avoids new risks with its ability to prevent fires from re-igniting. It acts quickly in electrical and electronic types of fire and facilitates the control of fire crews

Carbon Dioxide Fire Fighting Tube

In manual preferences vehicles, public institutions, private enterprises and buildings are the most common carbon dioxide fire extinguisher tubes, red colour and weighing approximately 5-10 kg. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing tubing, which can be seen on almost every floor and must be maintained periodically, can be pressurized for a long time through the safety valve. However, it is important to know how to use these tubes. Since the weight and the amount of extinguishing gas is not too much, it is possible for the staff in the department to intervene and evacuate unscathed. CO2 gas sprayed into a 7-8 square meter room can intervene in the fire without a vital danger.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is used efficiently in various sectors such as intelligence chambers, industrial laboratories, electric cabinets and chambers, storage areas of flammable liquids, paint cabinets, motor unit, cable way, power transmission unit, archive, industrial oven, generator and trailer.

Co2 Fire Tube Prices

We are at your service with our customers special prices for the commonly used Co2 fire tube prices with fast extinguishing effect. We facilitate your work and protect your working environment with guaranteed, regulated, TSE certified products and attractive payment opportunities.

You can contact us for Co2 fire tube prices. You can review our references and use our free discovery service for the product you want. We apply total quality standards to protect your property, your car and your workplace, and we ensure that you are comfortable with our guaranteed solutions. We inform you about the relevant regulations and insurance conditions, give trainings on the technical issues, perform periodic maintenance and refilling of your extinguishing systems quickly.

Co2 Fire Extinguisher Tube Technical Specification

Co2 fire extinguisher technical specifications are also included in the tender conditions determined for purchasing fire extinguishing systems for all corporations and government institutions. This technical specification contains all the details regarding purchases. All information such as the colour of the fire tube, type of paint, weight, safety valve, pressure value, details of the automatic systems are specified in the specifications.

All conditions specified in the Co2 fire extinguisher technical specification must be prepared within the required time. This ensures trust between the manufacturer and the customer. As a company we are at your service with our team experienced in all technical specifications, related legislation and certification matters.

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