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Kitchen Paddle Box Extinguishing System

The kitchen paddle box extinguishing system, which has to be set up by all businesses that have a kitchen in it, has been followed strictly by increasing inspections in recent years. Having the kitchen hood extinguisher system is also vital for the personnel, as the place where the fire is most likely to be started is the kitchens that are the center of the work done by the fire.

As long as the kitchen and oven are used, the things that are created by the fumes going upwards start to present danger. It is very easy to ignite the remains in the constantly warming pit. This is where the automatic kitchen paddle box extinguishing system enters and extinguishes without starting to extinguish. In such fires, the flames rising upward or igniting the roof directly cause the kitchen staff to be unaware and the danger suddenly grows.

The kitchen paddle box extinguishing system, which is regularly maintained, prevents fires that may occur. The sub-areas of the huge paddle box can be seen and cleaned by the kitchens, but unfortunately the negativity in the field that continues up and down is not visible. After warm-up, solidified oil in the chimney becomes a dangerous fuel. It is only a matter of time if this fuel is burning with heat. Here, if the automatic hood fire extinguishing systems in the kitchen are installed well, they can interfere with every flame in the boiler.

Price of paddle box extinguisher system

The price of a paddle box extinguisher system is not a big deal at this stage, as it will eliminate many damages in preventing the spread of the fire in the kitchens located in very crowded buildings or in the bosom. Since our company already knows the importance of the situation, it creates a payment plan together with the companies and customers without any difficulty.

The cost of the paddle box extinguisher system includes free discovery, projecting, manufacturing and installation. It is quite natural that all these services have a certain cost. For kitchens that are always active during the day and at night, the hood extinguisher system, easy-to-ignite kitchen equipment, cylinders, easily flammable gases and a protective staff mission.

Price of fire extinguisher inside paddle box

In addition to the fire extinguisher tubes that can be used manually in the kitchens, the fire extinguisher prices inside the paddle box which prevent flames that may come into the gap in the narrow space leading to the bosom are not very costly because they prevent the risks that may arise. If the fire is thought to be harmful to not only the kitchen but all the crowded and crowded groups of people, it should not be too difficult to think about the cost of the measures to be taken.

The chimney inside, which is a long and narrow canal, is a structure that the personnel cannot clean. Therefore, fire extinguishing systems inside the paddle box are designed. It instantly eliminates the danger of being able to grow through sensor sensors in order to intervene in various places. Therefore, the fire extinguisher prices inside the paddle box should not be considered for this system which will protect the whole building.

On the other hand, since 2009, the establishment of fire extinguishing systems inside the paddle box has become a legal obligation. Therefore, it is necessary to have this system in order to comply with the law and to prevent loss of life-property.

Paddle Box Extinguishing System Regulation

We have said that the regulation of paddle box extinguishing systems has been strengthened since 2009 and became valid. Regulation 27344 on Protection of Buildings from Fire is also found in the obligation to establish the paddle box. So;

This system should definitely be available in kitchens serving more than 100 people, located in shopping malls outside the dwellings and other high buildings. It is vital that the hood extinguishing systems are installed in these kitchens with features such as warning system, gas cutting, flame detection, as the number of people is indicative of the intensity of work done.

It is necessary to comply with the requirements for extinguishing systems of all commercial

Calculation of Paddle Box Extinguishing System

Calculation of paddle box extinguishing system is made by our expert staff and the details are shared with you at cost. We begin by describing the regulation that includes the obligation imposed since 2009 to inform our customers about this issue. According to the provisions of this regulation, the cooker system which is the first to be done is documented that the kitchen has more or less than 100 people serving.

The paddle box extinguishing system is included in the account; the number and location of fire sensor sensors, the number of nozzles of the liquid to be sprayed and which method to use. Using the foam fire extinguishing system, it is the most convenient option to automatically intervene in the hood.

Automatic Paddle Box Extinguishing Systems

Elevated automatic paddle box extinguishing systems are installed at the heights that human can not intervene. Through these sensor detectors, these systems distinguish between the fumes emitted by the cooking food and the gas released by the flaming and detect the danger of fire. After this detection, the liquid spraying action is automatically started. The system informs the staff that it works with the following control panel.

Automatic paddle box fire extinguishing systems manufactured with NFPA 17-17A-96 certification remain durable as long as periodic maintenance is carried out. It should be able to act actively on chimney outlets, filters that filter, and on the hob. In automatic paddle box extinguishing systems, there are units such as liquid extinguisher, small button, sensing mechanism, nozzle, and manual discharge line.

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