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Fire Hydrant Account

One of the most important calculations to be noticed in this context is the fire hydrant account, as fighting fire is a struggle to be made by adopting a professional approach. Variable measures such as which type of durable iron to be used, which intervals to keep, flow rate are used. Our experienced staff working in this field will help you in every detail.

Fire hydrants, one of the vehicles where the local government's fire departments make the most use, may be between the streets or in the gardens of the enterprises. It is also important to comply with the laws by acting in accordance with the legislation on fire hydrants Significant penalties are imposed on the inspections made. Fire hydrant provides a great contribution to outdoor fire fighting activities. In addition to automatic fire extinguishing systems in buildings, it is extremely useful to have a fire hydrant outside.

What is Fire Hydrant?

Fire hydrant, which is an important auxiliary tool for intervention in the fire, points out the areas used as warehouse which solve the welding problem of fire fighting units. As a response to the question of what is a fire hydrant? it can be considered an urgent support.

It is a very relaxing element to intervene in the garden of reinforced concrete structures where the fire started, fire hydrants that open water by squaring and spray with a certain pressure, as uninterrupted water source. Repair and repair in case of failure is very important as it gives a chance of pressure intervention and firefighters fill the warehouses quickly. The discharge of sprayed water firefighting teams increases the importance of the proximity of fire hydrants to the fire area.

Installation of fire hydrant

As well as being in all of our fire extinguishing systems, our company has experienced personnel who specialize in the installation of fire hydrants. Scientific approaches are preferred even when the fire hydrants that are installed are accounted for, considering the source of the flowing water. Installation of fire hydrants, in which the provisions of the Regulations play an important role, is also taken into account in the risk of fire. The increased likelihood of fire affects the proximity of fire hydrides to each other.

Fire hydrants with an exit pressure of 700 kPa are often used where fire hazards are present. Decreasing the pressure value means that the risk of fire is low. Fire hydrants with high pressures are also required near long buildings.

Fire Hydrant Measures

Our company can use various fire hydrant measurements in line with the desires of our valued customers. The fire hydrant measures, which are set not to be in contradiction with the regulations, are considered taking into consideration the climate conditions to be kept. The most preferred fire hydrant measures are those measuring 1435, 1750 and 2150 mm.

One of the most important elements to be aware of in fire hydrants is the automatic evacuation feature to prevent freezing in places where climate conditions are really heavy. Fire hydrants, which can be of double output, can also be produced with three outputs. For the fire hydrants to remain intact for a long time, it is very important that the cast iron is produced durably.

The TS EN 14384 certificate for fire hydrants has been registered by our company. This quality certificate, which our customers are paying attention to when looking for a fire hydrant, is a must for fire companies. Guaranteed fire hydrants also include flange connection.

Fire hydrant flow

Because the fluid plays an important role in the flood and the pressurized fire intervention, the area must be inspected beforehand and the fire hydrant should be considered in accordance with the requirements of the district. It is important for fire-fighting teams to draw water from a fire hydrant with a certain load and spray it with fire at a certain pressure. Because speed prevents loss of life and property. To this end, the firefighting teams have been given a certain time standard for access to certain fire zones.

In areas where this time standard applies, the fire hydrant is also important for rapid return of teams. Firemen arriving from a certain distance are also critical in avoiding major hazards, such as filling up vehicle deposits and returning for fire intervention for a certain period of time.

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