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Alarm Pressure Switch


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    DPS10-1 / DPS10-2

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In the installation to which the Pressure Switch is connected should be using strainer and water free from dirt. The product will not work in the water flow containing dirt and particles.

Pressure switch should be mount vertically as shown in the figures. 

Personnel authorized in electrical devices and expert for product use should start the installation in the following order.

The product should be mounted on the 1⁄2 ” threaded part after the ptfe teflon tape is wrapped in the 1⁄2 ”installation. Excessive torque should not be apply to the product during installation.

The red protective cover for the electrical connection should remove with the help of the special key in the box. 

NO, NC and COM sections will be seen on the switch after removing the red protective cover. Visual or audible alarms can be received from these sections. Asignal can be send to the fire control panel.

The product pressure adjustment can be made from the frame. After the product has been adjusted to the desired pressure range, the red protective cover must be closed with the screws. 

After the installation of the product, it should be checked at least 3 times whether or not a signal is received from the product.

Product leakage and signal test should check periodically every month, with the test valve on the line. The product with leakage or signal problems shall not be use.

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