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OFC-31 Fire Cabinet


  • Aesthetic, stylish, functional and robust OCAKLAR special design Fire cabinet.
  • Fire cabinet is made of dkp sheet, optionally available in galvanized sheet or stainless 304 chrome sheet.
  • There are entrance holes in the dimensions specified in the technical drawing at the four corners of the fire cabinet frame.
  • 1" 15-20-25-30 meters TS EN 694 semi-rigid rubber hose Fire cabinet
  • Can be used as a 1" ball valve or optional 2" TS EN 12259 brass material with aluminum fitting valve (2" to 1" adapter).
  • 1" 3-position jet spray nozzle
  • The fire cabinet is coated with 70 micron ral 3002 electrostatic powder paint on nano technology coating against corrosion before painting. The fire cabinet is TS EN 671-1 and CE certified.
  • 90 + 270 degree rotating hose reel
  • Reel Max. Working Pressure is 12 Bar (1.2 Mpa) Test Pressure is 18 Bar (1.8 Mpa) Minimum Burst Pressure is 30 Bar (3.0 Mpa).


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