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Sidewall Quick Response


  • Katalog Kodu
  • Standards
    TSE - UL - FM - GOST - CE - LPCB
  • Applications
    • Prefered where piping could not be made in the ceiling for architectural readons.
    • Hotels
    • Dormitories
    • Residances


Duyar sprinkler is easy to use and extremely safe. Sprinkler is placed on the specially designed piping system such that iscovers the area requiring protection. One of the most significant components of the stuffing, the fluid in the glass tube expands and goes off due to the temperature generated by fire. Because the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum expected ambient temperature by 30°C during fire, the maximum ambient temperature of the sprinkler should be shosen tobe at temperatures above 30°C. Once the glass tube of the sprinkler above fire, the water under pressure hits the deflect and sprayed over fire. Only the sprinkler heating up during fire goes off, thereby releasing water.

Akım Yangın

نحن نجمع بين أنظمة إخماد الحرائق وخدمات الاستشارات المتخصصة والأدوات الرقمية المتقدمة لتقديم خدمات شاملة للسلامة من الحرائق. نقوم بإجراء صيانة دورية لأنظمة ومعدات إطفاء الحريق للاستجابة السريعة والوقاية الاستباقية.


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