What does the relief valve do?

Pressure relief function is the clearest answer to the question of what relief valve is useful. It is one of the most relaxing elements of fire installations. It is used for balancing the pressure in the electro pneumatic installations where the high pressure is the subject and in the fire pumps where the diesel engines are preferred.

What does the relief valve do?

What does the relief valve do?

High pressure is harmful to the environment. When aqueous environments are considered; for example, high pressure on the underside of the sea damages human health or poorly protected machinery. The same is true of fire installations. Relief valves in high pressure fire extinguishing systems are very useful for the protection of equipment used in normal press.

What is Relief Valve

The valves used in the fire systems are used to prevent the high pressure of the waterbags from causing water damage to other equipment; relief is the most common answer found by those wondering what the valve is. The relief valve prevents the decompression, breakage or breakage of other mechanisms in the fire installation due to excess water pressure.

If the system is expected to generate more pressure than a single relief valve can handle during operation, the use of multiple relief valves will be good for eliminating the risks. Already, the pressures above the pressure value that our engineers mainly determine, how many relief valves should be used is indicated in the study studies.

Relief valve price

The relief valve price is not an issue to consider because the system is a component that reduces the high pressure value and ensures healthy and long-lasting use. The relief valve sales service we offer together with the installation is guaranteed.

The relief valve acts as a high-pressure obstacle to the water flow and the pumps in the system. Despite being resistant to a certain level of pressure, relief valve ensures the safety of all parts that are likely to be damaged at higher pressures.

Relief valve operating principle

Output pressure of 30-165 psi for 175 psi input pressure; 300 psi inlet pressure, 30-165 psi outlet pressure build up form the main line of relief valve operating principle. The high pressure is reduced and stabilized. Thus, no system equipment is damaged. Can be connected with flanged or threaded.

82 degrees maximum working temperature. Cast iron body and lid are manufactured in TSE standards with bronze surface, stainless steel valve set and pilot control valve system.

Evacuation of overpressure produced during installation is one of the important goals of the relief valve operating principle.

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