Wet and Dry Alarm Valves

Wet and dry alarm valves are a security and control unit for fire extinguishing systems that separate the fire extinguishers and compressed air. Dry alarm system with dry piped sprinkler system; wet alarm valve is used in wet pipe sprinkler system.

The main function of wet and dry alarm valves is to ensure the balance of the air pressure in the automatic fire extinguishing system with the water pressure. For this, the wet and dry alarm valves comprise a mechanical arrangement with various sub-units which are not uniform. There are valve body, delay cell, water motor alarm gong and pressure switch on the unit.

Dry Alarm Valve Mounting Scheme

Islak Kuru Alarm Vanaları Nerede Kullanılır

Islak Kuru Alarm Vanaları Nerede Kullanılır

On the dry pipe sprinkler system, it is possible to see the dry alarm valve mounting scheme. There is a dry alarm valve between the compressed air and the water. These valves, which provide equilibrium and prevent the flow of water, must be installed in the system by specialist engineers. The dry alarm valve, which functions for safety purposes, is one of the units necessary for the safety of the system.

The dry alarm valve is necessary for all fire extinguishing systems based on dry pipe. It is placed in the area where there is no risk of freezing on the system and it is provided to work more efficiently. The water pressure-air pressure balance value can be learned from the installation diagram of the dry alarm valve or directly from the manufacturer. The operating principle of the air supply is to continuously support the dry alarm valve.

Dry Alarm Valve Price

The price of dry alarm valve, which is the indispensable unit of dry pipe systems and which has a high level of safety, is examined with market conditions and it continues with a smiley application in our company. Since the sprinkler system finds the most usage area, it is obligatory to install the dry alarm valve in the first assembly when scientific approach is made.

Without the dry alarm valve, the dry tubing system gives security clearance. Because the dry alarm valve, the relevant personnel, informs the sprinkler that the water flow is taking place in the system. This means that the risk of fire has begun but the automated system is not late for intervention.

Dry Alarm Valve Price

In order to completely eliminate the possibility of fire and to effectively combat possible fires, the installation scheme of the wet alarm valve should be carried out by experienced firms in the sector. The main task of this fiction is; is that the system is started because of the fire detection, and the related security and extinguishing units are notified.

The smoke or spikes that explode with rising heat cause the flow of water to begin. Water with a predetermined preset pressure will cause the alarm valve closure to clear. The moving pressurized water continues to travel to the trim set at the same time. Then the delay unit of the main process starts with water. This process occurs within the seconds. In the meantime, the pressure switch starts to give the corresponding alarm. Then the water running towards the water gong starts mechanical alarm as soon as it reaches there.

Installation of Dry Alarm Valve

It is very important that professional experts in the field do the dry alarm valve assembly operations. Because once it is turned on it needs to be reset. This process must also be done by specialists during periodic maintenance and fault recording.

The dry alarm valve is not just a van. Various equipments with different functions are also available. These are water alarm gong, pressure switch, pressure gauges, main drain valve, air pressure regulator, accelerator and air switch.

Function of water alarm gong; if water enters the alarm valve, it is usually transmitted to the relevant units through the alarm bell located on the outside of the building.

Function of the switch; is responsible for obtaining the water flow alarm as an electrical unit.

Function of pressure indicators; shows the pressure value at the inlet of the dry alarm valve as well as at the outlet.

The function of the main drainage valve; the sprinkler allows the amount of water in the system to be drained from the alarm valve part.

Function of the air pressure regulator; regulates the air supply.

The function of the accelerator; discharges the compressed air in the system so that the dry alarm valve can be opened faster. The maximum standard for water in the system to reach the extreme point is 60 seconds.

The function of the air pressure switch; it only assumes the duty of reading the air supply pressure.

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