Water System Fire Cabinets ER-2SS

Water System Fire Cabinets ER-2SS
Fire Cabinet Specifications
  • 1.20 mm DKP sheet metal case and cover.
  • Two-year sealing guarantee.
  • 0.70 micron thick epoxy polyester electrostatic powder coating.
  • All stainless steel, ERSAN brand hub system made of forged brass material on CNC machines.
  • 1 mm DKP sheet press printing, three movable types (90˚ exit from the cupboard, 180˚ right and left rotation on the arm and 360˚ movement of the hose unloading and winding), ERSAN brand hose reel.
  • TS EN 694 certified, round semi-hard red fire hose.
  • 1 ” ball type water shut-off valve (TS EN 33) or 2” corner type fire valve (TS EN 12259).
  • Pr.EN 671-1 standards produced, on / off and jet / spray ERSAN brand fog hood.
  • 90 cm long break hose between internally reinforced spool and valve.
  • Special design heavy type reel carrying handle.
  • Decorative type chrome plated or electrostatic powder paint hinges and handles.
  • Double-twisted and center-reinforced cover to prevent stretching.
  • Installation holes with a diameter of 70 mm that can be opened from the desired water inlet direction during installation.
  • Four connection holes for attaching the cabinet to the wall.
  • Water drains holes.
  • Transparent Plexiglas or tempered glass cover. (optional)
  • Ability to attach the reel carrying handle to the right or left.
  • Embossing brand and TSE symbols on cover plate and reel, press printing.
  • Markings and sticking instructions in accordance with the international standard 92/58 / EEC and TS EN.
  • Pressed, pressure-resistant hose connections made of special steel sheet ferrules.
  • Installation and operating instructions.
  • Optional bubble wraps nylon or carton packing.
  • ER 1 - SS / TM - 1 ”

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