Smoke extraction fans

Smoke extraction fans, which have a lot of usage area when considered in the sector, can be used in kitchens, restaurants, industrial production facilities and all the places where ventilation is needed.

It is necessary to have smoke evacuation fans in case of crowded groups such as car parks, hospitals, shopping malls which use indoor facilities at the same time. In case of any kind of fire, it is possible to operate automatically, as well as manual and manual control.

Smoke evacuation aspirator

It is hygienic that the gases emitted from the house in the kitchens of large buildings such as hotels, hospitals and factories, which are made especially by firing, are sent to the head by the smoke evacuation aspirator. Not only in the large kitchens, but also in the modest kitchens of the residences, the smoke evacuator is used and the ingestion of food smell is prevented.

Duman Tahliye Fanı Fiyatları

Duman Tahliye Fanı Fiyatları

The smoke evacuator is preferred in cases where the amount of smoke is very high and the smoke is likely to cause damage to materials and people inside the building. Customers of a luxury restaurant will not be welcome to smoke in the area they eat and chat.

Smoke extraction fan selection

It is important that the selection of the smoke evacuation fan is done correctly in order to send the smoke outside the industrial area or other sectors. Our experts provide consulting services in this regard which need to be approached technically.

The most important detail to be considered when choosing a smoke exhaust fan is the amount of smoke generated in the room. The fan size should be changed according to the amount of smoke. The fan speed must be set so that the smoke generated at the same time can be evacuated. If the place where the smoke is evacuated is not a chimney, it must be evacuated to an area that will not threaten human health.

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