Post Indicator

The post indicator valve, which is installed as a system that prevents water freezing on the non-rising spindle valve, usually works well in open environments. Especially the possibility of freezing water in the pipeline under the ground; although insulation measures are very high. Adverse weather conditions and air temperature below zero can cause water in these pipelines to freeze. Post-indicator valves are used more frequently in these lines because the places where the water comes out on the soil are the places where the possibility of freezing is highest.

Yeraltı Post İndikatör

Yeraltı Post İndikatör

Because the post indicator valve is a valve that prevents the freezing; especially fire departments that want to take advantage of control and shut-off valves during fire moments. Vertical type or horizontal type may vary depending on the situation. It can be up to 96 kilograms and about six pounds. The non-rising spindle valves can be observed open or closed thanks to the post indicator valve.

Nrs valve

The Nrs valve, also known as the non-rising spindle valve, performs the function of controlling, opening and closing the water in the underground pipelines. It can be used for many years with its heavy and durable structure. It is highly functional as a cut-off valve with its ability to minimize the loss of pressure.

Nrs valve is one of the most suitable valve types that can be used in natural environments. It plays an important role in protecting the fire with its many advantages in the fire valves. Most of the outdoor installations are encountered.

What does the rising spindle valve do?

The answer to the type of valve used for regional control is the shortest answer to the question of what the rising spindle valve is for, as well as for engineers. It functions as a shut-off valve in water installations. The control and cutting mechanism can be monitored from the panel by making the electrical connection.

The rising spindle valve is mainly developed for water extinguishing systems and the application area is the type of valves which are these systems. Not suitable for gas and dust extinguishing systems. It is a more common use for use in pumps and water tanks.

What is a buckle valve?

One of the most frequently asked questions of our customers who are researching fire equipment and needing this area is; what is the buckle valve? All the units of our automatic fire extinguishing systems are explained with detailed trainings to all our customers working with our company. We are also faced with the question of how to use a buckle valve in the trainings we give on the use of fire systems.

Bucket valve is a valve that can be used easily in high pressure lines with its ability to withstand high pressures. It is highly preferred because it does not freeze and requires no maintenance. It can be produced from plastic except for cast iron.

By controlling underground lines from the surface, it prevents water crews from going underground and is advantageous in terms of time and cost. It also helps to quickly intervene in the waterline and to eliminate the malfunction.

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