Inka coupling price list

The in-coupling price list, which is one of the reliable units of the pipe connection points and increases the durability, with the assurance of our company and the suitable conditions. The inka kaplin brand, one of the most preferred brands in Kaplin production, provides a connection without requiring any resources. Inka couplings, which eliminate the need for safety of fire-fighting systems, are economically profitable because they have been used for many years.

İnka Kaplin İstanbul

İnka Kaplin İstanbul

When you look at the inca kaplin price list, you will notice that there are quite attractive amounts when compared to the safety of your fire system. Guaranteed in-flight couplings like all of our guaranteed products are also covered.

Inca coupling clamp

The inka-coupling clamp, which must be taken into consideration in the design of the sprinkler systems, has FM and UL quality certificates. Inka coupling clamps produced and assembled according to quality standards are the most important elements of the connections.

Inca coupling clamps, which are made more resistant to high pressure and temperature by rubber gasket, also provide tightness with self closing feature. It prevents the installation of seismic waves from spreading. Maintenance time is easy to clean as there is a screw connection.

Where flexible couplings are used

Most of our customers who are examining coupling types and finding that they are flexible couplings are the ideal choice for the system. The function where the flexible coupling is to be used and seen should indeed be determined on the basis of good accountability.

Flexible couplings are used in the flexible parts of the installation, flexible units. Flexible couplings are one of the most ideal strengthening tools for flexing and not breaking the installations in seismic reinforced concrete structures after seismic movements. In this way, both the system gets rid of the disintegration and has the share of stretching at a certain level.

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