Fluted flexible coupler

Our fluted flexible coupler product, which prevents breakage of the installation due to the effect of rocking and is flexible, is among our highly preferred products by our customers due to its fast installation in the fire installations where the earthquake risk is high.

Yivli Esnek Kaplin İstanbul

Yivli Esnek Kaplin İstanbul

It is not only unique to the earthquake zone, it is also preferred in all regions. These cappings, produced as galvanized, are resistant to pressure. In any jarring, it ensures that both the connection points and the entire installation do not become intact, distorted, dispersed, or fragmented from a solid floor or wall.

Fixed coupler

Fixed coupler, also known as rigid coupler, allows the pipes to be fixed to the wall or floor of the pavement during installation. It prevents the installation from moving as a whole, or by moving the pipes vertically or horizontally manually, thereby ensuring safety and functionality.

The concept of pipes can be easily terminated by a single bolt. The construction of cast iron improves its strength and resistance against pressure. It is produced in accordance with ISO 1083 standards and all quality controls are made thoroughly before delivery.

Grooved fixed coupling

Our guaranteed threaded fixed coupling product, which is manufactured with guarantee and is manufactured in accordance with national-international standards, also helps to establish fire system or piping in difficult locations.

It has high sealing ability, it is easy to maintain, clean and easy to install. It maintains the integrity of the system by preventing the pipes from moving apart vertically or horizontally.

Grooved reduction

Grooved reduction, used as a connection point for flexible and rigid couplings, facilitates the passage of large diameter pipes to narrow diameter pipes. The threaded reduction product, which provides a practical connection and ensures that the durable structure and connection points function reliably, is one of the indispensable products of fire installations.

It is made of cast iron. ISO 1083 and ASTM A536 are 100% suitable for production-quality standards. Since our galvanized coating is preferred in orange or red color, our productions are made in this way.

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