Flow switch electrical connection

The flow switch electrical connection, one of the tools that must be used in conjunction with the wet alarm valve, must be carried out by qualified personnel. It is very, very important that the electrical connection of this important part, which enables the system to be engaged, and its operation in a solid manner.

One of the most important parts of automatic water fire extinguishing systems, the flow switch shows that the water starts to flow and smoothly reaches the end of the system. With this switch,

Flow switch mounting

Yangın Flow Switch

Yangın Flow Switch

The flow switch can be installed either horizontally or vertically. Our company is installing your new extinguishing system; it is also accompanied by a flow switch installation. The installation that our specialist team takes into consideration all the details includes your service cost.

Like every part of the extinguishing system used for fire prevention, the flow switch installation is one of the important steps. Periodic control of each unit is required for the system to function without problems as a whole. Unclear units must be compensated without wasting time.

What does the water flow switch do?

In addition to the above information, let us also discuss what the water flow key is useful for. In the automatic fire extinguishing system of the water flow switch, the fire detection system is the system that electrically communicates to the panel and therefore the personnel whether the water flow starts from the pipes together with the explosion of the sprinkler at the end of the system. It offers a healthy workout in an automatic fire extinguishing system that begins to interfere with the fire.

The water flow switch is one of the main components of the system that initiates fire intervention. If you do not perceive that the water is empty; the system is not switched on. Since this anchor is an electrical connection, it transmits to the fire plane and becomes a means for the interested parties to be aware of it.

Flow switch prices

Since spiritual losses, such as financial losses caused by fires, also change the normal course of an operator or dwelling, flow switch prices cannot be compared to those caused by the fire. All of the companies that we do business see that our company is customer friendly applications in this regard. We develop our solution partnership by offering appropriate payment terms.

You can choose us for quick intervention and serial solutions at any point where it is disconnected. In terms of flow switch prices or other products, we guarantee you will find the most reasonable pricing policy on the market.

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