Fire Installation Test Drain Line

The test facility drainage line is a very important function of fire extinguishing systems installed on the premises and the control of the operation of the fire extinguishing systems. It is used to test the efficiency and activity of various units in the most robust manner. After encountering a fire situation and during periodic maintenance, it helps to control the system to the most extreme elements.

If necessary, the test facility drain line can be connected with threaded and grooved fire system, which also performs draining of all water in the general line. It works with 300 psi working pressure principle. It can be used in all types of automatic fire extinguishing systems using sprinklers.

How the test drain valve works?

Test ve Drenaj Vanası

Test ve Drenaj Vanası

Every technical staff involved in the installation of fire extinguishing systems and performing periodic maintenance should be familiar with how the test drain valve works. It is important to know the operating principle as the test drainage valve performs its main task when it comes to the time of maintenance of the system and the drainage of water in the line.

Trainings about how the test drainage valve works are conducted for all of our staff who work in our company and are in charge of this service. This means that you can rely on our entire team for periodic maintenance and troubleshooting.

What does the test drain valve do?

As a unit in the sprinkler system, what does the test drain valve do, it is a matter of course for all mechanics and fire fighting personnel to know. It is used for regular maintenance of fire extinguishing systems at certain intervals to test whether the line is in working condition and its faulty directions.

Helps to test the activity of the control units in the system by passing water in quantities equivalent to the amount of water passing through the sprinkler. In the case of drainage; provides drainage of water throughout the entire line. Water is drained to replace or repair defective units. A valve glass compartment is added to see if the water is flowing.

Fire test drainage line

Within the scope of the measures taken to protect the fire, we install a fire test drainage line in the fire extinguishing systems we set up for the enterprises and other companies. In the event of a system malfunction, the fire test drainage line for the drainage of the water in the pipeline can be used as required by our maintenance team.

We perform functions such as discharging the water completely or measuring the flow rate through the fire test drainage line. With a professional approach, despite all the inconveniences that may arise, the security of our company is always yours.

Just contact us to install all fire fighting systems, equipment and other auxiliary units. We also provide periodic maintenance and repair services after the installation. As part of this maintenance and repair service, we conduct all our system-related tests through the fire test drainage line. Regular maintenance of the test drainage line, one of the indispensable elements for the overall safety and control of the system, is important in order to eliminate the risk of fire in general terms.

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