Fire-fighting link entry price

The fire-fighting link entry price, which is installed to ensure that fire crews can transfer water in a convenient way, where there are reservoirs and water resources, is positively affected by our company's attractive price policy is one of the most satisfied ones of our customers.

İtfaiye Bağlantı Ağzı Fiyatı

İtfaiye Bağlantı Ağzı Fiyatı

You can also see appropriate discounts on all our fire equipment, such as fire-fighting link entry price. You can follow us on our website or get information from dozens of our reference points. Our industry is leading the other firms with our long-standing experience and we develop good dialogues with our customers.

We are at your service with our specialist team in sales, installation and periodical maintenance of all fire extinguishing systems and auxiliary units. We do our job with a professional approach and ensure that you are protected from the risk of fire.

Fire-fighting storey connection valve

The fire-fighting storey connection valve, which is used in fixed installations, is a very useful valve that allows the quenching teams to transfer water quickly. The fire-fighting storey connection valve, which can be installed in both wet and dry piping systems, is located at the end of the connection valves. It also saves time by opening and closing the valve, making it easier to make the hose connection. The benefit is unquestionable given the fact that it has been competing over time in fire situations.

It facilitates the work of professional extinguishing teams by keeping hose records and covers in the unit. In the regulation on protection of buildings from fire; it is clearly stated that it must be kept at the property buildings.

What does a fire-fighting link entry do?

In addition to this information we give, let us explain what the fire-fighting link entry is worth. The fire brigade is a connection unit that facilitates water intake from the fixed lines for filling fire brigades' water tanks. It acts as a connection unit for the valve.

With hydraulic calculations, how many millimetres in diameter and in which dimensions, the connection mouth is determined by our engineers. These auxiliary equipments prepared with scientific approaches are units that you will be satisfied for a long time.

What is the mouth of the fire brigade?

In addition to the above question, the answer to the question of fire brigade is not really different. These mouths, which provide water to the fire brigade units, are attached to the ends of the valves and allow easy fitting of the fire hoses. Thus, these hoses will be used to intervene in the fire or to fill the fire brigades.

There is also a connection point at the end of the valves that hose in daily life. It is difficult to get water from fixed lines without fire brigade. Power is also time consuming. However, in times of disaster such as the fire in which the flames are growing and spreading, every single moment is important. Because of this, valves with fire brigade or connection port make the job very easy.

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