Fire check valve

The fire check valve is a type of valve that ensures that the water flow only moves in a certain direction and does not flow in the opposite direction. The presence of such a mechanism prevents the equipment in the fire extinguishing system from being damaged. It can be used in fire extinguishing systems, as well as for outdoor use.

Yangın Çek Vana

Yangın Çek Vana

Considering the cost of automatic extinguishing systems; it can be said that due to the task of fire check valves, this cost has a protective function. It is easier to evacuate water flowing in one direction. Flowing in the opposite direction of the water system means that the interfaces are damaged by the reverse pressure of the water as the installation does not drain and remain full. However, the fire check valve prevents this water from flowing in the reverse direction of the pressure; all interfaces working in the same direction have a healthy working principle.

Check valve price

The price of the check valve which is used in pumps in fire systems and which can be used as an alarm valve at the filling port of the fire departments is quite economical according to the distribution of all these tasks. Our company adopts a philosophy that is beside the consumer in the practice of check valve price.

When you do a check-valve price survey, you will notice that the best prices are with the most attractive payment options. We are always with you with our pricing policy based entirely on customer satisfaction.

We mobilize all the possibilities that the necessity of fire fighting systems does not mean additional expense to you.

Drip valve

The drip valve used in the fire extinguishing systems to perform the lowest point drainage between the fire point and the check valve is only mounted vertically. Vertical mounting is required for its advantageous use.

The production of cast brass ensures that it remains durable for many years. The drip valve with external NPT threaded inlet and outlet serves firmly in the installation.

Fire valves

Fire valves used in the form of inertia valves for all kinds of extinguishing systems are the most important parts that work in coordination with the detection systems that initiate the fire intervention of pressure extinguishers. Manual intervention is also possible for manual opening and shutting of personnel during various failures and periodic maintenance with possible breakdown structure.

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