Dry System Fire Cabinets ER-26

Dry System Fire Cabinets ER-26
Fire Cabinet Specifications
  • Case and cover made of 1.50 mm DKP steel.
  • “A” type roof made of 1.50 mm DKP sheet.
  • 0.70 micron thick epoxy polyester electrostatic powder coating.
  • 1 mm DKP steel sheet, three movable type, ERSAN brand hose reel.
  • 2 ”outer synthetic yarn knitted, inside rubber or PVC coating, TS 9222 certified,
  • 20 or 30 m long fire hose.
  • 2 ”German aluminum injection, TS 3145/1 certified, German aluminum injection fire hose with hose connection. (Optionally flat, controlled or operated / fog screened)
  • Hose / sleeve connections with fire-fighting copper wire wrap.
  • Special design heavy type reel carrying handle.
  • Decorative type chrome plated or electrostatic powder paint hinges and handles.
  • Double-twisted and center-reinforced cover to prevent stretching.
  • 75 cm high 30x30x1.5 mm pro or 40 foot angle bracket.
  • Water drain holes.
  • Transparent plexglass or tempered glass cover. (Optional)
  • Ability to attach the reel carrying handle to the right or left.
  • Press and embossed brand and TSE symbols.
  • Marking according to 92/58 / EEC.
  • Installation and operating instructions.
  • Optional balloon nylon or carton master carton packing

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