Butterfly valve with monitoring switch

The price of a butterfly valve with a tracking switch used to detect the faulty area of the fault, rather than controlling the entire system in the event of faults in plumbing, is the most attractive level offered by our product warranty. All controls of monitoring butterfly valves manufactured under TSE standards are being carried out under total quality management.

izleme anahtarlı kelebek vana ölçüleri

izleme anahtarlı kelebek vana ölçüleri

Especially in the piping system in fire fighting systems; it seems that all of our hesitant customers have not yet met with us regarding the price of the monitoring switch butterfly valve that serves to control regional activity. Suitable for internal and external use, the monitoring switch butterfly valves are available in a small space, the sealing ability is at the top level and is considered very economical.

Operating principle of butterfly valve with monitoring switch

According to the pressure loss criterion, the monitoring key butterfly valve operating principle, known to miss a little more pressure than other valves, is based on opening and closing the connection between the units on the installation.

If the working pressure of the butterfly valves with tracking switch with grooved, wafer and threaded connection forms is; 175 psi to 300 psi. The maximum working temperature of these valves is 120 degrees. Cast iron has a body and disco. The shaft is made of stainless steel and the gear box can be made of cast iron and steel. Other parts of the butterfly valve operating principle with monitoring switch are; made of gasket and cast iron.

Electrical connection of butterfly valve with monitoring switch

The electrical connection of the butterfly valve with the dustproof extinguishing system and the monitoring switch which is not used in the gas extinguishing systems; expert engagement is a link that needs to be made. The electrical connection of the butterfly valve with the monitoring switch connected to the voltage source is clearly shown on the schematic. In this connection where the audible warning system is also installed, all mechanisms must be periodically maintained.

What is the use of a viewable butterfly valve?

Our customers, who serve in the field of fire extinguishing systems which are our own industry, are absolutely provided with training about what can be used for the watch butterfly valve. Our customers and staff who do not know anything are informed and made aware of the issues such as the arrangement of the fire system, the reading of the electricity and warning panels, the interpretation of alarm and warning systems.

Visible butterfly valve, also known as cut-off valve in the industry, is used at the points connecting the units. Visible butterfly valves serving as shut-off valves for periodic maintenance or failures of the installation, undertake an important task.

Electrical connection diagram butterfly valve with monitoring switch

The butterfly valve electrical connection diagram with monitoring switch is prepared entirely by mechanical engineers and revised according to the special conditions of the region. In this chart;

• Monitoring circuit with alarm control panel

• Common white tip

• Off red tip

• Light yellow tip

• Line end (Resistance or intermittent device)

• Actuator box surface

• Voltage supply

• Items such as audible alert (buzzer) are shown

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