1/2 "Strainer

Our ½ " strainer product, which is used to purify pipelines from foreign materials and not to damage the rest of the installation, has its place in many sectors. It is a known fact that harmful substances in the installation damage the entire system. The best way to protect all units from possible damage from these foreign substances is ½ "strainers.

Pislik Tutucu Nedir

Pislik Tutucu Nedir

The 1/2 " strainer gauge which assumes the part of the installation that protects the control valves, pumps and meters from hazardous substances provides highly efficient use as it can be periodically maintained without removing the pipeline and cleaning can be done in this way. It is very easy to clean our product which keeps the scum by means of the filter in it.

Strainer 2 "

The body is made from gray cast iron and the strainer is made from stainless steel. Do not take your decision without seeing our product. Our strainer 2 "shows how it works practically and protects other high-economic-value units.

Flanged connection, able to withstand pressures up to 16 bars, even at -10 degrees, can work as a full-function product in many areas of important functionality. The strainer 2”, which acts as a kind of filter, works better on our plastic, iron or galvanized pipes. The product, which has a reservoir in its interior and retains foreign harmful objects with the help of this reservoir, performs a conservative task in order to prevent the failure of boilers, check valves, valves and pumps.

Strainer 1 ''

The dirt trap 1 ", which is required to be installed in the hydrofoil systems, is one of the vehicles required to continue the guarantee. The fact that the dampener 1 " unit is not installed for the protection of the hydrofoil from dangerous objects means direct invitation to danger. If this is not taken care of and the dirt trapper does not perform the filter duty, no firm will guarantee the hydrofoil.

Pty-30 ayvaz

PTY-30 Ayvaz model, one of the best dirt-holding products on the market, is preferred by many companies. This company does not sell this product until the company which has the whole installation from the biggest companies. DN450 diameter, ductile iron body and lid, stainless steel filter, graphite gasket, flanged connection, 200 degree maximum working temperature and maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

Choosing strainer

According to the facility you want to work with the sector and the product you choose, strainer selection is made by our specialists without error. Our professional staff also decides on which scale the dirt holders to be used on iron or plastic lines will be. The ultimate goal here is to protect your system.

Therefore, it is useful to look at the experience of the company while receiving assistance for choosing a duster holder. With our sector history, reliability, prices and quality, we have many references in all our products as one of the best known companies in the area.

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